About Me

I'm a single mother, psychology major, content creator, and entrepreneur. I can always be found making memories with either of my 2 girls, BayleeJoy and LaylaMarie.

I create most of my content through my YouTube channel and Instagram. That's where you can get a visual of my take on motherhood as well as inspirational, motivational, and lifestyle related things.

With the branch off pieces of ConceptJoy, I wanted to create something that encompassed the outward expression of things that a person can internalize at times, like being an empath or liberated individual. The handmade aspect of each piece makes it truly unique in that no 2 pieces will be the 'exact' same.

I enjoy being able to give others a peek inside my mind and daily life. My goal is to organically create relatable content and positive moments with anyone I come into contact with.

XO, Jas.